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Result Opponent Method Event Date
LOSS Angelica Brotherton Arm bar
(rnd 2, 4:59)
Art of Fighting 9
The Apocalypse
LOSS Catia Vitoria Decision (split) Art of Fighting 7
Pay Day


Result Opponent Method Event Date
LOSS Jenna Castillo Decision (unanimous) Fight Night at
The Playboy Mansion
WIN Tecia Torres Decision (unanimous) IKF World Classic 7/26/09
WIN Christina James Decision (unanimous) IKF World Classic 7/25/09
WIN Angelica Henson Decision (split) IKF World Classic 7/25/09
LOSS Tecia Torres Decision (split) Back Alley Brawl 6/13/09
WIN Denise Jacobs Decision (unanimous) Battle of Tampa Bay
Vs New York
WIN Rasa Decision (unanimous) UFS Kickboxing 3 10/8/08
WIN Tara Moore Decision (unanimous) Warrior Classic 4 9/20/08
WIN Ashley Thurston TKO (round 2) Battle of Tampa Bay 9 6/28/08
LOSS Rebecca Decision (split) UFS Kickboxing 1 5/17/08
WIN Janet Jordan Decision (split) Battle of Tampa Bay 8 3/8/08
WIN Noemi Bosques Decision (unanimous) KO Breast Cancer
Charity Fight Night
LOSS Noemi Bosques Decision (split) Cuban Club Boxing 1/11/08
WIN Cristina Milanes Decision (unanimous) Muay Thai Classic 10/6/07
WIN Summer Saderfield Decision (split) Muay Thai Classic 8/4/07
WIN Brandy Majesty Decision (unanimous) Muay Thai Classic 5/5/07
WIN Blanca Reyes Decision (unanimous) Muay Thai Classic 1/20/07

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